Money saving tips from our Facebook page

We had some amazing money saving tips on our Facebook page, which we have published here on our blog. We decided that we would split them into two camps. The popular and the funny!

See which ones were your favourites!


  • Always use money comparison sites!
  • Ask yourself do you really need this!
  • Use cash back sites!
  • Don’t take the kids shopping when you doing a food shop!
  • Put loose change in a jar!
  • Switch utility providers!
  • Write a shopping list!
  • Use the whoopsi self in supermarkets!
  • Transfer 0% balance credit cards!
  • Standing order to your savings account!
  • Planning your meals and sticking to it!
  • Stop using takeaways and cook!


  • Stay at home!
  • Don’t go to Aldi, You go in for a sarnie and you end up buying a chainsaw!
  • Don’t go to Disney!
  • Don’t buy your daughter a pony!
  • Never go shopping on an empty stomach!
  • Don’t give your wife your credit card!
  • Don’t go shopping with the husband!
  • Don’t have kids!
  • Give up booze!
  • Get your hubby to pay!
  • Build a retaining wall of roast potatoes around the outside of your plate at a Carvery then fill the middle up stacking much higher than usual!