James’s Story

James Story..

Giraffe Money was actually the fourth company that I tried to reach out to for help. The first three had taken me through long processes with promises of help at the end only to then tell me that in order to receive that help, I needed to make a payment up front to them. The first time I heard this I couldn’t believe it. I was asking them for help as I had money issues and they wanted me to pay costly upfront fees, it just didn’t make any logical sense to me.

No Fee’s

Thankfully I had learnt my lesson and when speaking to Giraffe Money I asked straight away what their fees were going to be. They advised me that they would never ask for anything up front as like me that believed that this wasn’t the way to help someone in financial distress.

They explained that together we would work out what my income and outgoings were and try to find an affordable amount that I could repay each month. The company would split that amount amongst my debts and they would take a small fee from this amount, nothing was hidden and they would never add on extra charges.

After agreeing, I sat down and sorted through all of my paperwork. I sent it all over and after just three days everything was in place for me.


I have to say it felt amazing. I could answer my door without worrying it was bailiffs, I didn’t have to ignore 10 phone calls a day from debt companies and I no longer felt the need to avoid looking through my post each morning.

The company took care of everything so that no one had any need to contact me anymore other than them. They would call me up about twice a year to check how I was getting on and see if any of my details had changed but that was it.

Debt Free!

My plan finished up 2 months ago and now I’m completely debt free. I’m more careful now with my money and I think it’s actually been a bit of a life lesson in some ways. People really underestimate just how easy it is to find yourself in debt, I’m just glad I found a company that understands that.

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