Sarah’s Story

Sarah’s Story

I’d never really used credit that much in the past. Only applying for cards to try and get my credit score higher but that all changed when I lost my job. I told myself it would be fine and that I could survive on my savings for a while but they didn’t last as long as I’d expected and I eventually found myself turning to credit cards and payday loans.


Still not wanting to ask anyone for help, I spiralled into debt, convincing myself that once I found a new job I would be able to repay everything. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

By the time I gained new employment I had also gained a lot of interest and fees. I was paying as much as I could afford every month but the debt amount just never seemed to go down. I still had a mortgage to pay and was worried that I was going to have to sell my home.


Whilst searching through Google for a solution I came across Giraffe Money and decided to fill in my details. My phone rang later that afternoon but I was just too nervous to answer, no one knew about my debt, not my family or my friends. Honestly, I think I’d buried my head in the sand so deep that even I hadn’t come to terms with fully admitting that I needed help.

Giraffe Support

After receiving another debt collection letter the following day, I built up the courage and gave Giraffe Money a call back. I spoke to a nice woman and started by telling her the amount of debt I was currently in and briefly explained my situation. She didn’t judge me like I thought she would, in fact she actually praised me for being brave enough to ask for help. By the end of the phone call I must have told her every single detail about how I had ended up in this situation, I had tears streaming down my face but she stayed on the phone with me, she listened to me breakdown and she offered support.

I spoke back and forth with them for the next few days whilst I rummaged around trying to gather all of my details for my debts. It was difficult to find everything because after avoiding it all for so long I’d never thought to arrange my letters or actually check my accounts to see how much I owed but I set aside some time, went through everything and set it all over to them.

They arranged for their insolvency practitioner to give me a call and confirm everything, and once this was done I was set up in a matter of days.

Being in debt is something I never envisioned happening in my life, but once it did it was something I couldn’t envision getting out of.

A Brighter Future

Now I’m four years into my fixed repayment plan with just one year left. It’s been predicted that by the time my plan is over, I’ll have written off around 50% of my debts. I honestly can’t thank this company enough. To anyone else who is struggling with debt, I have to say that as scary as it can seem, just picking up the phone and talking about it is the first step in getting your life back on track.

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